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CellScale will be attending trade shows in Japan and Netherlands

CellScale will be attending to following shows: TERMIS World Congress (Kyoto, Japan) - Sept 4-7, 2018 29th European Conference on Biomaterials (Maastricht, Netherlands) - Sept 9-13, 2018 Come and see what CellScale has to offer. Hope to see you...

Cell Spheroid Testing at Georgia Tech

In our new In the Lab blog series, we catch up with researchers using CellScale systems. In our first blog,  Caleb Horst chats with Rabbia Saeed of the McDevitt Lab at Georgia Tech. Caleb Horst: Rabbia, I understand that you are researching the mechanical properties...

Mechanical test systems.

At CellScale, our test systems are optimized from the ground up to characterize the mechanical properties of biomaterials. Environmental chambers and imaging are integral system functions, not afterthoughts. For needs ranging from micro-scale compression to biaxial tension, trust CellScale’s systems to provide cutting edge data.


CellScale’s bioreactors provide insights into the response of cells and tissues to mechanical stimulation.  We have systems optimized for high-throughput, real-time imaging, 3D scaffold use, and multi-modal stimulation. CellScale also has extensive experience in developing custom solutions that exceed expectations.
We have bought multiple CellScale products and are extremely happy with all of them.  The BioTester is by far the best-designed, easiest-to-use biaxial testing system I have used in my career. The MechanoCulture B1 provides great control over mechanical stretch protocols and is the only system we have found that readily accommodates cell-populated gels. Finally, the MechanoCulture FX is a great system for mechanobiology experiments. Across all of these products, CellScale has worked with us to help us find the right product, and when needed even to adapt their devices for our experiments. I can’t recommend the products and the company highly enough. Prof. Jeff Holmes

University of Virginia

Our lab regularly uses the MicroSquisher to measure the mechanics of gel microparticles and the tensile properties of gel films that otherwise are very challenging to measure based on the size or low modulus of the samples.  Our success in using the instrument is in large part to the outstanding customer support offered by CellScale in training, ongoing support, and their amazingly rapid responses to overcome any technical problems we have.

Prof. Todd Hoare

McMaster University