MCJ1 Bioreactor

A game changer for structural tissue engineering

The MCJ1 is capable of running 6 cyclic mechanical stimulation tests on a variety of tissues, scaffolds, and constructs. Each test chamber is equipped with it’s own actuator and force sensor running an independent test protocol. During the test, users can visually observe the specimens through the transparent chambers and measure changes in specimen stiffness. After the test, the specimens can be removed for further macro- and micro-scale analysis.

Key Features

  • 6 independently-programmed test protocols
  • 6 force/displacement data outputs with onboard data storage
  • Load cell options: 10N, 20N, 50N, 100N
  • 25mm actuator travel with grip separation up to 200mm
  • Spring-closure specimen grips with adjustable gripping force
  • Ports for fluid exchange in each well
  • Autoclavable chambers
  • Fluid-cooled incubator-compatible design
  • PC-independent operation
  • Software for specifying simple, cyclic, and intermittent stimulation protocols


Chamber Volume

The size of culture wells can be customized to support the width and extended length of the specimens being studied. For narrow specimens, the chamber volume can be reduced to less than 20mL. For specimens up to 40mm wide with an extended length of 200mm, the chamber volume can be increased to 150mL.

Specimen Gripping

To securely grip the specimen without causing damage, the grips must have a suitable clamping surface and apply a consistent clamping force throughout the test.

Standard specimen grips have smooth clamping surfaces with squared front and back edges. Clamps with serrated, rough, and customized gripping surfaces are also available.

For most applications, a spring-closure grip preferred to apply a repeatable clamping force that does not significantly change with specimen thickness or deformation. Grips are available with spring stiffnesses that can deliver up to 150N of clamping force. Grip springs can be changed in the field as needed to successfully test a range of specimens. Screw-closure grips are also available.

Grip StyleL1M1S1S2
Close MechanismSpringSpringSpringScrew
Max Clamping Force (N)1205520150
Grip Width (mm)40191210
Chamber Volume (mL)150603020

The chambers, grips and associated screws, seals, and other components are made from corrosion-resistant materials that can be autoclave-sterilized.


Dimensions16.5 X 11.5 X 30 cm
Weight7 kg
Stimulation ModeCustomizable tension
Number of Wells6
Force Capacity100 N
Available Load Cells10, 20, 50 and 100N
Force Accuracy0.2% of load cell capacity
Maximum Stretch Displacement25.4 mm
Maximum Grip Seperation200 mm
Maximum Velocity4 mm/s
Maximum Cycle Frequency2 Hz