Our Story

CellScale was founded in 2005 with the goal of making custom mechanical test systems developed at the University of Waterloo available to other researchers.  The first system was a biaxial test system to better understand the relationship between glaucoma and scleral stiffness.  To accomplish the research goals, it was necessary to develop mounting techniques that were appropriate for this tough and rubbery material.  It was also necessary to develop digital image correlation-based analysis tools to verify the specimen’s strains.  This project laid the basis for what is now the BioTester.

The second system was a micro-scale uniaxial test system that was used to study the driving forces behind tissue remodeling during the embryogenesis of axolotls.  Due to the small forces and displacements involved, cantilever-based microwire force transducers were developed and paired with a micro-resolution actuator.  The techniques used in this project led to the development of the MicroSquisher.

Over the years CellScale has expanded our line of mechanical testing products, launched a line of bioreactors, and built many custom solutions.  We are grateful to the many academic and industry researchers we have had the honour of working with over the years.  In the future, we look forward to continuing to develop new technologies and equipment that will drive research and ultimately impact the health and wellbeing of us all.

Our Management and Customer Relationships Team

Caleb Horst

Caleb Horst

Business Development

Caleb has a degree in mechanical engineering and has been with CellScale since the beginning.  As with most companies in the early days, this means he has filled almost every role at one time or another.  These days he still helps out in many areas, but he spends most of his time on new product development, sales, and marketing activities.

Jim Veldhuis

Jim Veldhuis

Product Development

Jim has a degree in civil engineering and has been with CellScale since the beginning.  Jim’s primary role for many years has been software development.  CellScale is well known for having well written, intuitive software and this is largely due to Jim’s efforts.  These days he manages our software development activities and he is also responsible for working with our academic partners on new technologies and products.

Matt Brunsting

Matt Brunsting

Customer Support

Matt has a degree in biological engineering and joined the CellScale team in 2013.  Matt is the first point of contact for customer training and support with CellScale.  Matt is a patient teacher and a tenacious problem solver who is truly dedicated to making sure our customers have great success with our products.


We are a dynamic and creative biotechnology company offering opportunities for growth and advancement. We are always looking for passionate and talented people to join our team. Email us at careers@cellscale.com to find out more.

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