MicroSquisher Micro biomaterials Testing System

A micro-scale tension/compression test system

The MicroSquisher does what others can’t. Smaller specimens, better force resolution, easier test setups, and great visuals. It operates on the same principles as an atomic force microscope – cantilever mechnanics – but at much larger scale. Applications are diverse but include small tissue samples, hydrogel microspheres, cell spheroids, and engineered tissue growth matrix.

The MicroSquisher’s setup, operation and data collection software module allows for simple execution of standard or customized test protocols. Test parameters such as displacement magnitudes, durations and data/image collection rates are specified in a table format for quick access and modification. A template system is used to quickly reload the desired test parameters once a protocol has been established.

While the test is running, the software provides real-time results graphing and a live video feed to facilitate user monitoring of the test progress. Ask anyone who has used our equipment and they will be quick to tell you how intuitive and useful this software package really is.