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Biomaterials Biaxial Tension Testing

Provides researchers with an easy-to-use biaxial instrument to accurately measure the mechanical properties of biomaterials.

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MechanoBiology Cell Culture System

Culture cells on a substrate or in a 3D scaffold and study how uniaxial or biaxial mechanical stretch affects cell differentiation and behavior.

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Uniaxial Testing

Packs all the biomaterials testing features you could ask for in a small, affordable package.

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Micro-Scale Mechanical Test System

Enables uniaxial mechanical testing with superior force resolution. Ideal for small, soft specimens that need to be kept in a temperature controlled fluid environment.

CellScale is an industry leader in biomaterial and mechanobiology test systems.

Our mechanical test systems are specifically designed for characterizing the material properties of biomaterials. With integrated features such as image capture and analysis, media chambers, and a range of gripping mechanisms, our biaxial and micro-scale compression test systems are capable of generating high quality test data from day one.

Our mechanobiology technologies help advance research by providing insights into the response of cells to mechanical stimulation. CellScale has systems optimized for high-throughput, real-time imaging, and 3D scaffold use. In addition to our standard products, CellScale can also develop a custom solution for your application.

Our products are used by researchers around the globe to study everything from tissue strength and stiffness to cellular response. Please surf our website for more information and a list of publications. Also please contact us to find out how our test systems can help you.

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